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Hey, everyone. Thanks for stopping by my website. As you probably know, I’m the author of the novel Sideways, the novel on which the now iconic wine movie of the same title was adapted. Here on my website you’ll find everything about me – what I’m working on; contact info; media and more. I’m currently particularly excited about the release of my novel The Archivist, due out fall of this year from Blackstone Publishing. Sideways the musical has all the songs written and recorded, but the pandemic has put a moratorium on that for now, but it’s going to happen. In addition, there’s a chance I might be going to an unnamed country to write Sideways IV. Check in for details when the deal is consummated. I will be refreshing this site often with updates on all my various projects. Please feel free to write me. I love getting mail and I respond to all of them.

The Archivist

My novel The Archivist is now available for pre-order from Amazon and all other sites that sell books. Official publication is Nov. 9, 2021. It’s only in hardcover, but it will soon be available in an e-book as well as paperback. Five years in the writing …

“Take a deep dive in the dark archives with intrepid, independent, indefatigable project archivist Emily Snow as she excavates deadly secrets in Pickett’s exhilarating debut literary thriller. With deftly-woven narrative threads and intrigue worthy of Hitchcock, THE ARCHIVIST is immersive and rewarding. Pickett does for university archives what Raymond Chandler did for L.A.”

– Janet Somerville, Author of Yours for Probably Always
From Amazon
When archivist Nadia Fontaine is found dead of an apparent drowning, Emily Snow is hired by Regents University to finish the job she started—to organize and process the papers of Raymond West, a famous Pulitzer Prize–winning author who has been short-listed for the Nobel.

Emily’s job comes with its inherent pressures. West’s wife, Elizabeth, is an heiress who’s about to donate $25 million to the Memorial Library—an eight-story architectural marvel that is the crown jewel of the university. The inaugural event in just a few months will be a gala for the Who’s Who of San Diego to celebrate the unveiling of the Raymond West Collection and the financial gift that made it all possible.

As Emily sets to work on the West papers, it begins to dawn on her that several items have gone missing from the collection. To trace their whereabouts, she gains unsupervised access to the highly restricted “dark archives,” in which she opens a Pandora’s Box of erotically and intellectually charged correspondence between Raymond West and the late Nadia Fontaine. Through their archived emails, Emily goes back a year in time and relives the tragic trajectory of their passionate love affair. Did Nadia really drown accidentally, as the police report concluded, or could it have been suicide, or, even worse, murder? Compelled to complete the collection and find the truth, Emily unwittingly morphs into an adult Nancy Drew and a one-woman archivist crusader on a mission to right the historical record.

Twisting slowly like a tourniquet, The Archivist turns into a suspenseful murder mystery with multiple and intersecting layers. Not just a whodunit, it is also a profound meditation on love, privacy, and the ethics of destroying or preserving materials of a highly personal nature.

Sideways: The Musical

I adapted my novel Sideways into a stage play in 2012. It’s had 4 very successful runs, including a record-shattering premiere at Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, CA and an all-time attendance record run at La Jolla Playhouse with 3-time Tony Award winner Des McAnuff directing. In 2017 I contacted my musical composer friend Anthony Adams about doing the musical. He was beyond enthusiastic about the idea. Two years later, collaborating closely, we now have a fully-realized libretto and more than half the songs recorded, and very soon will be announcing the director. We have every intention of premiering Sideways: the Musical summer of 2020. Come back for updates!

“Road trip! Famously translated to the screen by Alexander Payne, Sideways deserves to be read and relished. Dour Miles and priapic Jack are the Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty of this contemporary picaresque which is by turns hilarious, poignant, and intoxicating.”

— Jay McInerney (Bright Lights, Big City)


Follow Miles and Jack beyond the first novel into the Sideways trilogy. Through successes to hardship, the story of Miles continues…


Sideways is the story of two friends-Miles and Jack-going away together for the last time to steep themselves in everything that makes it good to be young and single: pinot, putting, and prowling bars.


Vertical tracks the continuing story of Miles Raymond and his buddy Jack. It’s seven years later. Miles has written a novel that has been made into a wildly successful movie, and the movie has changed his life.

Sideways 3 Chile

Sideways 3 Chile finds Miles running out of money, but still surviving on the fumes of a past, but fleeting, fame. When a new opportunity arises to write for a magazine about the diverse wine regions of Chile.

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